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MY DEAR BROTHER, - You have requested a synopsis of my views of the christian faith.  The following sketch will give you some idea of the religious opinions I have formed by a careful study of the word of God.

    I believe all men, coming to years of discretion, do and will disobey God, and this is, in some measure, owing to corrupted nature by the sin of our parent.  I believe God will not condemn us for any pollution in our father, but the soul that sinneth shall die.  All pollution of which we may be partakers from the sins of our ancestors, in which we could have no agency, can and will be washed away in the blood and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, without our agency.  But all sins committed by us as rational, intelligent agents, can only be cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ, through our repentance and faith.  I believe in the salvation of all men who receive the grace of God by repentance and faith in the mediation of Jesus Christ.  I believe in the condemnation of all men who reject the gospel and mediation of Christ, and thereby lose the efficacy of the blood and righteousness of our Redeemer, as proffered to us in the gospel.  I believe in practical godliness as commanded us in the Scriptures, (which are our only rule of faith and practice,) and that they only will be entitled to heaven and future blessedness, who obey and keep the commandments of God as given us in the Bible, which is the word of God. 

William Miller preaching
William Miller portrait drawing

I believe in God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is a Spirit, omnipresent, omniscient, having all power, creator, preserver, and self-existent.  As being holy, just and beneficent, I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, having a body in fashion and form like man, divine in his nature, human in his person, godlike in his character and power.  He is a Savior for sinners, a priest to God, a mediator between God and man, and King in Zion.  He will be all to his people, God with us forever.  The spirit of the Most High is in him, the power of the Most High is given him, the people of the Most High are purchased by him, the glory of the Most High shall be with him, and the kingdom of the Most High is his on earth.

One God, The Father

One Lord Jesus Christ

This is the same non-trinitarian view of the Seventh-day Adventist Pioneers


As published in the book, "Views of the Prophecies and Prophetic Chronology," along with a Memoir of Wiliam Miller's Life.  Published by Joshua V. Himes, 1842.

I am a Truthseeker
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